Aerial Filming Equipment

Over the years Skies Untold have flown many variations of aerial drone filming platforms. From small tricopters to huge, heavy-lift octocopters for the larger cameras. Reliability, safety, set-up time, ease of use and overall final product quality are what matters most to us and our current hand-picked system delivers!

Drone Aerial Film Equipment used by Skies Untold | Midlands, UK

DJI Inspire 1 (V2)

UAV2536 is our DJI Inspire 1 V2. Affectionately named "Gertrude", she is our aircraft of choice for most operations. Incredible stability and reliability combined with an average flight time of 10-15 minutes make her a very versatile machine... plus, isn't she just beautiful?! She has served us admirably and continues to do so.

Skies Untold DJI X5R Camera. 


The DJI X5R. The miracle little camera that we fly on the drone. We also utilise it for stabilised handheld footage when attached to the OSMO. 4k H264 to 4K DNG Raw recording. This camera is simply awesome. The image quality and dynamic range captured by this camera still amazes us each and every time we use it.

Ina and our DJI OSMO ground gimbal filming rig. 4K Raw Cinema DNG


The DJI Osmo Raw. This little gadget enables us to capture ground footage using the X5R seperate from the drone. Stabilised in all axis, including z (the up and down walking/bobbing motion) this produces wonderfully smooth shots at any location, and is small and light enough to get right into the action. without being conspicuous!

Skies Untold Dji Mavic Pro Image. Tiny little foldable drone we take everywhere. 4k.


The DJI Mavic Pro is our 'throw in the bag and take anywhere' drone. He will shoot 4k h.264 at up to 30fps. The tiny little sensor is no match in quality for our big rig, Gertrude, but he excels at squirming through tight spaces and the quality from this little drone is more than enough for online promotions etc.  An excellent little B-Roll shooter, he's always in the bag and has proved himself to be extremely useful!