The Skies Untold Team

Drone film maker - Skies Untold | Midlands, UK

Alex hatfield

Alex is founder and Head Pilot of Skies Untold. Alex has flown model aircraft since he was a boy. He was very early to the drone scene, building, developing and flying drones at a time when most people didn't have a clue what a quadcopter was. He became a certified operator in 2012 and has been honing his skills and knowledge ever since. Alex also studied photography, and has a degree in music technology as well as being an accomplished musician.


Drone film camera operator

Ina krombholz

Ina is the Skies Untold camera operator, editor and colour grading wizard. A German national with a masters in Graphic Design & Branding, Ina certainly has an eye for aesthetics and composition. Ina is also an accomplished stills photographer, with a penchant for capturing close ups of natural texture.

Drone aerial filming UK - Skies Untold | Midlands, UK

UAV 2536

UAV 2536 (Gertrude, for short) is what makes Skies Untold possible. Without her and her drone kind, we could not do what we do. Yes we've named her, and yes we're attached. We look after her well and continuously make sure she is in tip top operating condition, ready to fly at a moments notice... after charging batteries, of course.