What we do...

Aerial photograph of Pistyl Rhaeadr by Skies Untold | Midlands, UK

We Fly drones!

We provide a specialist aerial filming service using drones... and lets face it, they're pretty cool, that's why we like them. They enable us to put a camera pretty much anywhere (...within the law) and capture wonderfully smooth shots, time and time again, proving themselves to be incredibly versatile film making tools.

Hardy enough to be throw into an aircraft cargo hold by the most spirited of baggage handlers, yet light enough to strap to our backs and hike out to remote areas, our drones really do enable us to shoot pretty much anywhere and everywhere. They have allowed us to travel to some pretty exciting places, capturing shots that we could only dream of just a few years ago.



We hold a current PFCO - Permission for Commercial Operation (including permission to fly at night) and full industry specific insurance to back it up. Check us out on the official CAA list of approved operators here (we're ID 138)

In the UK, commercial drone pilots are required by law to attain a Permission for Commercial Operation from the Civil Aviation Authority. This little document allows pilots that have proven their piloting competence and knowledge of air law to operate in UK airspace under a specified set of rules. The PfCO enables the holder relaxed regulations in comparison to hobbyist pilots (for example, only 50m separation from built up areas as opposed to the 150 stated for hobbyist droners) and obviously, the permission to legally carry out aerial work on a commercial level. Pilots conducting commercial flights that do not hold a current PfCO are breaking the law, as are the people that hire them... so please make sure any operators you hire have a current PfCO!

Aerial Photograph of Birmingham University, UK by Skies Untold | Midlands, UK